Beehave Wax Wraps

washable - reusable - Biodegradable


Plastic free alternatives. Zero waste products. Eco friendly food storage solutions

Our Philosophy

Beehave wax wraps are a fantastic way to start making your home a zero waste plastic free environment. Every one of us that starts small MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE. Becoming a plastic free household is not only good for the environment but it saves you money. Bees wax wraps are a fun, easy way to start. They are handmade using the finest bees wax, cotton fabric and organic coconut oil. They are nontoxic, antibacterial and biodegradable. They keep food incredible fresh…and make your fridge look super pretty.

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Why Beehave?

We sell the wraps in sets and also individually. Place the wrap around the food or bowl and with the warmth of your hand create a seal. I find in summer my wraps are softer and need less pressure and in winter they can stiffen up. You can just keep your hand on the a bit longer to soften the wax. If they need a wash just use cold or luke warm water and a mild detergent if necessary

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